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This web site outlines some of the services we provide. I was in charge of my first commercial construction job in Irving, Texas in 1964 (40 YEARS AGO). I started my own construction company in 1969. The largest building I ever moved or leveled was in 1985. It was 95 feet tall, had approximately 725 miles of steel and weighed over 3 million pounds. This was an automated building so it was necessary to level the building within .001 (thousands) of one inch. This would keep the top within a 1 inch tolerance. After I erected this building it was decided that it needed an expansion joint. I had to actually move this 3 million pound building to install the expansion joint from the top to bottom.

We do your project right the first time, on schedule and within established costs. We estimate projects realistically and competitively, reflecting our ability to keep cost to a minimum. Please call Now for a Free Assessment Appointment.

Don't make a mistake with your foundation, call us first. At All-American, we guarantee to be completely open and honest with you about all that is involved with the structural re-leveling of your home. I have moved a 9 to 10 story building. Let All American re-level your Dream Home, I bet it weighs less than 3 million pounds. I have invented an improved foundation repair system. The LONE STAR CRUSHER tm. Are you angry about foundation problems? Let All American repair your foundation with the new innovative CRUSHER.

David Hall, President